We set out to find the best survival knife kit for 2024, and Hee Haw, we did it again! The data was collected by analyzing hundreds of ratings and reviews online. We’ve taken enough stabs to produce our list after clicking through the magazine articles, blogs, product reviews, and expert opinions.  Not to mention the testing! Here is five of the best survival knife kits for 2024.

best survival kit knife

The Best Survival Knife Kits

For a quick overview, check out our top picks below. If you’re just beginning your quest, visit our detailed buyer’s guide.

  • Bundle: Large 12.32″ 1095 High Carbon Steel Hunting Knife + 6.25″ D2 Blade Neck Knife.
  • Upgraded K-Sheath: Tek Lok, Lanyard hole for secure belt attachment.
  • Flint Rod & G10 Scraper: Fire-starting tools included.
  • Allen Wrench: Holds attachments on K-Sheath.
  • Perfect Gift: For campers, hunters, and fishermen.
  • Save space & money: Compact, replaces multiple tools.
  • Stainless steel: 440C stainless steel, rust-resistant, sleek.
  • 5 functions: Knife, saw, pliers, bottle opener, screwdriver.
  • Safety focus: Locking blade, ergonomic handle.
  • Portable: Foldable, comes with belt-friendly nylon cloth bag.
  • Outdoor gift: Ideal for camping, survival, hiking enthusiasts.

NedFoss Survival Knife

  • High-Quality Blade: 5Cr13Mov stainless steel, brushed finish
  • Strong Full Tang: Heat-treated to 58 HRC for extra strength.
  • Ergonomic G10 Handle: Pommel for protection, textured, insulation, abrasion-resistant, anti-slip.
  • Hunting Knife with Fire Starter: Flint fire starter for all weather.
  • Versatile Kydex Sheath: Lanyard hole, adjustable clip, spacers
  • Ideal for Camping, Hiking, Survival: Perfect outdoor companion.
best survival knife kit
  • Multitool: Knife, LED Light, Fire Starter, Whistle, Clip, Paracord. Versatile for EDC, Hiking, Hunting, Camping.
  • Damascus Steel Blades: 71+ layers for durability, heat-treated for 58-60 HRC hardness.
  • Dimensions: Open – 8.46″ length, 3.74″ blade; Closed – 4.72″ length; Weight – 5.05 oz (143g).
  • Fast Opening & Liner Locking
  • Blade longer than handle, clip pointed, one-sided sharpened.
  • Ergonomic metal handle, wood plates for grip.
  • Quality tool for pros and tourists, easy to sharpen.
  • Ideal for camping, hiking, hunting, military, DIY
  • Matte 440 stainless steel, sharp, durable, no scratch.
  • Metal-wood handle, slipjoint lock.
  • Gift for men/women, outdoor enthusiasts, holidays.
  • Knife Dimensions: Straight Edge Hunting Knife – Overall: 10-3/8″ length, 5-1/8″ blade; Gut Hook Knife – Overall: 9-3/8″ length, 4-1/4″ blade.
  • Razor Sharp Clip Point Blade: Premium steel, sharpness, hardness, edge retention, corrosion resistance.
  • Full-Tang Camo Handle: Green camo pattern, ergonomic grip, non-slip, lanyard hole.
  • Black Heavy Duty Sheath: Nylon sheath for easy, secure carry, button snap, belt loop.

Survival Knife Kit Buyer's Guide

Finding the best survival knife kit is crucial when building your best survival cache. Consider the blade’s size, shape, and features based on your needs and preferences. Fixed-blade knives are preferred over folding knives for their durability and ability to withstand pressure and heavy use. Choose high-carbon stainless steel with an entire tang blade for maximum durability and edge retention.

Several factors should be considered when looking for a survival knife. Ensure the blade is made of durable materials like stainless or high-carbon steel to resist rust and corrosion. The blade should be thick enough to handle heavy-duty tasks without compromising maneuverability. The handle should provide a comfortable grip, with materials like rubber or textured plastic for enhanced hold. Choose between a full tang or partial tang blade, with full tang blades offering superior strength and durability.

Different Types of Blades and Their Uses

Survival knives have various blade types, each suited for specific tasks. The drop point blade is ideal for slicing and preparing food, while the tanto blade excels at piercing and cutting rigid materials. Consider the clip point blade for versatility, perfect for detail work and precision cuts. Choose a blade type based on your personal preferences and intended uses.

Essential Components of a Survival Knife Kit

A well-equipped survival knife kit consists of more than just a knife. It should include essential components that enhance your survival capabilities in the wilderness.

  1. Blade Sharpener: Keeping Your Edge Sharp: A dull blade is frustrating and dangerous. Include a compact blade sharpener in your survival kit to ensure a sharp edge for cutting rope, preparing food, and self-defense. Opt for lightweight options like diamond or ceramic rods, and consider carrying a sharpening stone for more intensive sharpening needs.
  2. Fire Starter: Essential for Warmth and Cooking: Starting a fire is crucial for emergency survival. Choose a reliable fire starter such as magnesium rods, waterproof matches, lighters, or flint stones. Consider factors like ease of use, durability, and weight when selecting a fire starter for your survival kit.
  3. Whistle: Signaling for Help: A whistle may seem unconventional, but it is vital in attracting rescuers when lost or injured. Look for a loud whistle small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket alongside other survival gear.
  4. Paracord: Versatile Cordage for All Your Needs: Include a commercial grade 550 paracord in your survival knife kit. Paracord has numerous uses, from building shelters and traps to securing gear and creating clotheslines. Choose brightly colored cords for easy visibility when signaling for help.
  5. Compass: Navigation and Direction Finding: A high-quality, liquid-filled compass is essential for outdoor navigation. Select a compass with clear directions and easy-to-read markings. Consider its size and weight to ensure convenience and portability.
survival knife kit

Advanced Components for Survival

 For seasoned adventurers, additional components can enhance your survival capabilities.

  1. Fishing Kit: Making Survival More Sustainable: A fishing kit, including fishing lines, hooks, and bait, significantly increases your chances of survival by providing a sustainable food source. Customize your kit based on the region’s fish species and gear requirements.
  2. First Aid Supplies: Keeping Yourself Safe and Healthy: Beyond a basic first aid kit, include supplies for severe injuries like sutures, butterfly bandages, antihistamines, and antibiotics. Consider individual medical conditions and take a first aid course to ensure proper supplies use.
  3. Multi-Tool: Maximizing Your Survival Tools: A multi-tool combines various tools into one compact design, saving space and weight in your survival kit. Choose one that includes pliers, wire cutters, knives, screwdrivers, saws, and can openers based on your anticipated activities. Advanced multi-tools may offer specialized gear tools like wire strippers or socket wrench sets.

Maintenance and Care for Your Survival Knife Kit

Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your survival knife kit.

  1. Proper Cleaning Techniques: After each use, clean your knife to remove surface dirt. Use a damp cloth with mild soap and warm water for the blade, handle, and sheath. Avoid soaking wooden handles, as they can cause damage over time. Specialized sharpening tools like honing stones or sharpening rods can help maintain blade sharpness.
  2. Storage Tips: Store your survival knife kit in an arid place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Extreme temperatures can damage both the blade and handle materials. Consider using a protective coating like mineral oil on metal parts for long-term storage.


Investing in a well-equipped survival knife kit is essential for outdoor enthusiasts and those living in disaster-prone areas. A high-quality kit ensures your safety and the safety of your loved ones in emergencies. Proper maintenance, care, and regular practice will prepare your tools for any challenge. Be prepared for the unexpected by purchasing a suitable survival knife kit today and embark on your outdoor adventures with confidence.

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