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We created Prep4Disaster as your go-to source for ‘Survival Preparedness’! We are all about educating blog posts, product reviews, images, stories, field guides, and more. We’ve also sprinkled the site with humor to keep you returning, unlike your neighbor who thought he could borrow your generator.

At, we understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the vast array of choices to find the best hunting gear. That’s why our dedicated team invests countless hours into meticulous research, scouring online forums, and analyzing consumer reviews. We then compile this valuable information into concise and informative comparisons.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have relied on to make informed buying decisions. We are committed to helping our readers spend their hard-earned money wisely by assisting them in finding the perfect product that suits their needs. Experts conduct our reviews independently, and our shopping recommendations are driven by reliable data, empowering you to find the best survival gear that matches your requirements.

James Kitts: Survival Expert, Website Editor

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in the wilderness, James is a seasoned hunter and an authoritative voice in the hunting community. Having ventured through diverse terrains, pursuing game ranging from deer and bear to turkey and waterfowl, James brings a wealth of practical knowledge and deep respect for the sport and conservation.

Passionate about sharing this knowledge, James has developed and managed over ten websites dedicated to hunting.


These platforms are not just hubs for sharing hunting stories and tips but also serve as comprehensive guides for fellow hunting enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans. They offer insights into different hunting techniques, strategies for various game types, and personal narratives that bring the reader right into the heart of the hunt.

Recognizing the vital role of gear and technology in successful hunting, James stays abreast of the latest developments in the field. From high-tech trail cameras to the newest in scent control, James’ expertise extends to rigorously reviewing and recommending products. As an affiliate marketer, James has built a reputation for honest, in-depth reviews that have helped countless hunters make informed decisions about their equipment.

James’ journey through the wild has been more than just pursuing game; it’s about understanding wildlife, respecting nature, and embracing the evolving technology that enhances the hunting experience. James continues to foster a community through his website posts where knowledge, experience, and a passion for hunting are shared and celebrated.

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