The Best Concealed Carry Guns for 2024

Choosing the best concealed carry gun can be daunting, especially for survivalists. The market is flooded with countless options, each claiming to be the ultimate choice. But what indeed makes a firearm ideal for concealed carry?


It’s not just about size and firepower – factors like comfort, reliability, and ease of use play crucial roles, too. Finding the best concealed carry gun isn’t easy, but don’t worry – we’re here to help you navigate this process and find your best concealed carry gun.

Unveiling the Best Concealed Carry Guns for Survivalists

The concealed carry gun marketplace is full of choices, all created to suit the particular needs of survivalists—the secret lies in pinpointing your specific requirements and selecting a firearm that aligns seamlessly.

An excellent carry gun should be compact enough for effortless concealment but potent enough to offer reliable self-defense. It must also have manageable recoil, enabling you to shoot accurately, even under duress.

Specific models rise above the concealed carry options available due to their superior performance and user-friendly features. For instance, consider the Glock 43, a single-stack 9mm pistol offering an excellent balance between size and firepower. Its slim design makes it a solid choice for the best concealed carry gun while ensuring robustness through sturdy construction.

Glock G19 – A Proven Performer

Glock 19

The Glock G19, a good carry gun, is favored by law enforcement officers and civilians alike due to its reliability and versatility. This semi-automatic weapon, some considered a small pistol, is compact enough for concealed carry, yet it packs some punch courtesy of its high-capacity magazine.

Beyond impressive stopping power, this model boasts exceptional ergonomics facilitating swift target acquisition during stressful situations; interchangeable backstraps allow users customization according to hand size or shooting style preference.


Sig Sauer P365 – Compact Yet Powerful

Another great carry gun, an equally noteworthy contender within this arena, would undoubtedly be the Sig Sauer P365. We were standing out not merely because of its small stature but rather owing to its remarkable ammo capacity, upholding Sig’s reputation as an innovative firearms manufacturer.

Sig Sauer P365

This striker-fired pistol incorporates modern technology, such as night sights for low-light conditions, and textured grips ensure secure handling when wet or sweaty from intense physical activity typical in survival scenarios.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the best concealed carry gun depends on personal needs and preferences. Top picks like the Glock 43, Glock G19, and Sig Sauer P365 offer a balance of size, firepower, reliability, and user-friendly features. Remember: Compactness for concealment and potency for protection are essential.

Evaluating Popular Concealed Carry Calibers

When it comes to the best concealed carry guns, the caliber of your firearm is a crucial factor. The term ‘caliber’ denotes a gun’s barrel’s internal diameter or bore and directly influences several aspects, such as recoil, ammo capacity, and shooting accuracy.

Understanding Handgun Calibers

The spectrum of handgun calibers spans from smaller .22LR rounds up to larger .45 ACP rounds. Compact pistols often use smaller calibers like .380 ACP, which offer manageable recoil leading to better control and more accurate follow-up shots.

In contrast, larger calibers like .45 ACP provide greater stopping power but may be more challenging for some shooters due to increased recoil. Additionally, these bigger bullets typically have lower ammo capacities than their smaller counterparts because size constraints within magazines limit how many can fit in there.

Choosing the Right Caliber for Your Needs

Picking an appropriate caliber involves balancing personal comfort with effective self-defense capabilities. Springfield Armory suggests that new shooters start with 9mm or similar small-sized options since they are easier on hands yet still deliver adequate defensive performance when needed most during emergencies. 

If you’re comfortable handling stronger recoils and prefer higher stopping power at close range, then consider opting for large-caliber options such as Glock G19 chambered in a potent round like 40 S&W. Though having enough stopping power is essential, it should not impede your capability to shoot precisely in times of tension. 

A high-capacity magazine can also play a critical role by providing extra chances if initial shots are missed, so don’t overlook this aspect when deciding upon suitable ammunition types. Always remember: safety first – securely store CCW guns away after usage until the next time they might be required again.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the best concealed carry gun boils down to balancing comfort and self-defense. Smaller calibers like 9mm offer manageable recoil for beginners, while larger ones provide more stopping power but might be harder to handle. Don’t forget about ammo capacity – it’s a safety net if you can’t shoot.

Importance of Proper Concealed Carry Holsters

Choosing a good holster is as vital as selecting your firearm in concealed carry, especially if you carry an expensive gun. The right holster not only ensures comfort but also facilitates quick and efficient access to your weapon when required.

Your daily activities and lifestyle significantly influence the type of holster that best suits you. For instance, a waistband holster might cause discomfort if you spend a lot of time sitting, like while driving; in such cases, shoulder or ankle holsters could prove more beneficial.

Selecting Comfortable Holster Material

The material from which a holster is made can significantly impact its performance and durability. Traditional materials like leather offer style yet may require extensive maintenance compared to modern alternatives such as Kydex, which boasts resilience with minimal upkeep requirements.

Finding The Right Fit And Retention System

An effective retention system keeps firearms secure within their housing even under physical stress conditions, allowing swift draw capability when needed.

To ensure maximum safety functionality during use, it’s crucial to find custom-fit design considerations according to dimensions, including barrel length, etc., because one size doesn’t fit all.

Lastly, practicing regularly with chosen gear helps improve proficiency over time, considerably enhancing survivalists’ overall self-defense preparedness level.

Striker-Fired Pistols vs. Traditional Hammer Fired

best handgun for concealment

The choice between striker-fired pistols and traditional hammer-fired guns is more than a matter of preference. It’s about selecting the right tool for your concealed carry needs.

Digging into Striker-Fired Pistols

Modern firearms like the Glock 19 or Springfield Armory Hellcat are examples of striker-fired pistols. They use a spring-loaded firing pin to ignite the cartridge primer, simplifying their mechanism while reducing weight and complexity.

A standout feature of these concealed carry options is their consistent trigger pull—each shot feels precisely alike. They usually have fewer external controls than hammer-fired models, making operating easier during high-pressure situations.

Focusing on Traditional Hammer-Fired Guns

Moving onto traditional hammer-fired guns – think Sig P365 as an example – you’ll find an external hammer that strikes the firing pin when released by pulling the trigger.

This system allows both single-action (SA) and double-action (DA) operation modes: SA offers lighter yet manual cocking triggers; DA provides self-cocking but heavier triggers, which can be advantageous for faster follow-up shots.

Safety Features Comparison: Drop Safe Mechanism & Trigger Guard Protection

Selecting between these two types isn’t complete without considering safety features. Modern gun designs incorporate built-in safety mechanisms, such as drop-safe protections, to prevent accidental discharges from harsh drops or bumps.

In contrast, some conventional handguns offer de-cockers, allowing users to safely lower hammers without risking unintentional discharge. Others provide added security with manual thumb safeties protecting against inadvertent pulls inside crowded holsters or pockets.

Remember, this comparison doesn’t imply one type is universally superior to another. Your selection should depend upon personal preferences, handling characteristics like recoil management, ease of use under stress, and specific requirements around size, weight, etc.

Key Takeaway

Choosing between striker guns and traditional hammer-fired guns isn’t just about personal preference; it’s a strategic decision for choosing the best concealed carry gun. Striker-fired options like the Glock 19 offer simplicity, lighter weight, and consistent trigger pull. On the other hand, hammer-fired models such as Sig P365 provide operational versatility with single-action and double-action modes. Safety features also differ – from drop-safe mechanisms to manual thumb safeties.

Considering Barrel Length For Concealed Carry Guns

The barrel length of your concealed carry gun can significantly influence its performance and usability. The decision between a longer or shorter barrel often comes down to factors such as user comfort, accuracy needs, and concealability requirements.

A long-barreled firearm may deliver more accuracy and potency at an excellent range. However, it usually is more significant, making it harder to hide.

Modern Gun Models: Longer vs. Short Barrels

Let’s consider some modern firearms that strike an excellent balance between portability and shooting effectiveness despite their compact design:

How To Safely Store Your Concealed Carry Gun

The importance of secure storage for your concealed carry gun cannot be overstated. It’s not just about personal safety but also preventing unauthorized access to the firearm.

A high-quality gun safe is a reliable stronghold for your weapon when it isn’t in use while ensuring that you can swiftly reach it during emergencies.

Choosing the Ideal Size

Selecting the right size for your concealed carry pistol cannot be overstated. Suppose you own multiple firearms or have plans to expand your collection. In that case, it’s also essential to invest in a larger model that provides sufficient space to store your guns comfortably without overcrowding.

On the other hand, if compactness and portability are your primary concerns, especially if you frequently travel with smaller handguns like Glock 43X or Ruger LCR, then opting for a smaller-sized safe would be a better fit to meet your specific needs.

Evaluating Security Features For Maximum Protection

Another critical aspect when purchasing a gun safe is its security features. Opt for models equipped with tamper-proof locks and pry-resistant doors; an added layer of protection against theft attempts always pays off.

Safes featuring drop safe mechanisms offer another level of peace of mind. They would protect against accidental discharges if they were ever dropped from height for any reason, thus providing added peace of mind regarding safety concerns associated with storing loaded weapons inside them.

Focusing On Accessibility: A Critical Factor In Emergencies

Last but certainly not least, accessibility should never be compromised over security when selecting a good gun safe, especially considering potential emergency scenarios where every second counts towards self-defense response time.

Opt for models offering illuminated keypad entry systems and backup keys to ensure quick retrieval under stress conditions. So even if batteries die down unexpectedly, there’s always a secondary way to access the stored weapon promptly without delay.

Key Takeaway

Storing your concealed carry pistol safely is paramount, with a quality safe providing secure storage and quick emergency access. Choose the right size for your needs, and consider security features like tamper-proof locks and drop safe mechanisms, but never compromise on accessibility.

FAQs about Best Concealed Carry Gun

What is the safest gun to conceal carry?

The Glock 19 Gen5, with robust safety features and manageable recoil, is often touted as one of the safest guns for concealed carry. Some would argue the

What pistol do Navy SEALs carry?

Navy SEALs typically use the Sig Sauer P226, a great carry gun, but recently, they adopted the Glock 19 due to its reliability and compact size. This small pistol is one of the best concealed carry guns.

What is the best concealed carry gun length?

A barrel length between 2.75″ – 4.25″ balances accuracy and concealability for most concealed carriers. Some consider these longer barrels will shoot accurately over small revolvers.

Is .380 more potent than 9mm?

Generally speaking, a standard round of 9mm has more incredible velocity and energy than a .380 ACP round. Also, consider purchasing defensive ammo found in any gun digest.

Can I buy firearms from Palmetto State Armory online?

Yes, depending on your state, you can purchase firearms online from Palmetto State Armory. However, specific regulations and background checks apply, and you must follow the necessary legal procedures to complete your purchase.

What caliber is the Springfield Hellcat available in?

​Due to its manageable recoil and adequate stopping power, the Springfield Hellcat is chambered in 9mm, a popular caliber for concealed carry handguns.

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Survivalists understand the significance of finding the best concealed carry gun while having the necessary equipment accessible, balanced with defensive ammo.

The best concealed carry gun can make all the difference in a critical situation.

We’ve explored different calibers, their pros and cons, and factors like recoil and ammo capacity that they affect. We looked into small revolvers; some were considered to be expensive gun, striker guns, guns with a more extended grip, a flat-faced trigger, and rear sight capabilities.  

We assessed top-rated handguns like Glock G19 and Sig Sauer P365 based on performance, size, weight, rear sight, and longer grip.

A good holster is crucial for comfort and quick access to your firearm – we emphasized this too.

We compared striker fired pistols with traditional hammer-fired guns to help you understand which might suit you better. We are also looking into the concealable package for longer grip guns.

Barrel length was another factor- how a longer barrel vs. a short barrel can significantly impact a concealed carry gun’s performance. This feature can improve the concealable package.

Safely storing unused CCW guns is vital; we provided suggestions for reliable gun safes when your time shooting has expired. 

Our project here aims to equip survivalists with knowledge about finding the best concealed carry gun, including choosing an ideal concealed carry weapon.

Ready to enhance your survivalist skills? Dive deeper into our resourceful platform today, where we discuss time shooting, practice tips, and flat-faced trigger options.

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